Retail Solution


The Challenge

For the logistics and retail industries, the management of inventory is complex due to the variety of products and the numbers of consumers are involved. As a result, the old management practices no longer meet their needs and the retail industry is facing the following challenges:

1. The wide variety of products that cannot be effectively differentiated

2. Inefficient inputs and outputs in warehouses and goods sorting, negatively impacting the overall supply chain and consumer shopping experience

3. Warehouse information is not updated in a timely manner, which affects the timeliness of replenishment and can easily lead to backlogs or out-of-stocks

4. Inability to track the delivery of goods, resulting in uncontrollable or delayed delivery times. Unexpected events cannot be controlled in a timely manner once they occur.

5. Due to the lack of effective incentive mechanism, warehouse staff cannot be effectively supervised.


With the FEITIAN V11, staff can easily access goods information and perform appropriate work operations by scanning tags using its onboard UHF module. The key information can be recorded via wireless network for data analysis


1. Increased visibility of warehouse operation processes and improved efficiency of logistics operations. 2. Automate the sorting process without manual operation and achieve 99% correct parcel sorting rate.

3. Enables real-time recording of detailed work information such as job content, time and the person responsible for each link, enhancing supervision of staff and helping to establish a more complete personnel system

4. Nationwide online interconnection is achieved, facilitating the unified management of branches across the country. At the same time, in order to achieve optimal allocation of resources, the speed of flow between warehouses has been greatly improved.

5. Standardized business processes have increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction

6. It helps to establish a better logistics and distribution network system to provide faster delivery services to customers.

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