Digital Identity

Digital Identity

The Challenge

With the spread of digitalization, more and more governments are implementing digital IDs, where citizens' identities are verified through devices such as faces, fingerprints, ID cards, passports, etc. Many regions and countries are starting to establish government-led digital unified authentication platforms, where citizens can purchase tickets, pay, vote, and access government information, through which the government credibility will be enhanced, security will be improved, and crime will be reduced. On this basis, governments need a large amount of infrastructure to support their solutions and to meet different business scenarios.


As a leading digital authentication solution provider, FEITIAN has introduced V10P, V11 and V12 products to meet the customers ‘needs in different industry application scenarios. With the combination of fingerprint and NFC/IC modules, the consistency of the people and their identities can be verified offline, while the 4G/Wi-Fi modules enable the online authentication.


One device satisfies multiple scenarios, supporting offline and online identity verification

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