Law Enforcement Solution

Law Enforcement

The Challenge

Police officers, including traffic police and police patrols, identify suspicious persons by verifying citizens' identity cards, fingerprints, passports, driving licenses, etc. Suspected criminals often use false documents in an attempt to get by. It is therefore important to be able to verify a valid identity and at the same time have access to the police criminal record database for identity matching. For traffic police, police officers, they are facing following challenges:

1. Cannot identify suspects timely and effectively

2. Need to carry numbers of equipment, including DUI or DWI testing, narcotics testing, law enforcement equipment, identification equipment, ticket printers, etc.

3. The suspect’s identity cannot be crosschecked with the criminal record database timely


After understanding the customer's needs, we understood that capturing criminal information and verifying criminals against existing databases became critical while protecting the public's identity. The FEITIAN V12 Handheld Terminal has been carefully crafted over the years to develop multiple interfaces based on the Android security system, thus extending multiple modules to suit different application scenarios, which makes it possible for just one device completely capable for traffic enforcement, narcotics testing, DUI & DWI testing, ticket printing, identity verification, real-time video recording, real-time access to criminal database, etc.


One device for multiple scenarios, capable for data sharing and real-time recording

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