Delivery Solution


The Challenge

With the development of the Internet of Things (barcode/RFID) technology and people's increasing demand for timeliness, more and more people are buying goods on the Internet, which has boosted the development of the logistics industry. At the same time, the logistics companies are facing a huge challenge to deliver the products to the end-users quickly, and many of them have started to adopt QR code as the courier number to track and trace the goods, including the sorting and delivery of goods. However, a number of issues have arisen, such as

1. Sorting manually and comparing QR code numbers individually consume couriers’ large quantity of time, the result, delivery delays, can also have an impact on the user experience

2. Without digital platform management, related logistics information can be easily falsified

3. Items cannot be recorded effectively


To overcome these problems, FEITIAN proposes an effective solution, couriers only need to use the handheld terminal to scan the unique QR code on each parcel's waybill, then they can quickly communicate with the server backend via Apps on terminal, so as to complete the retrieval, query, modify the status and other operations. All operations can be completed in a few simple steps, greatly improving the efficiency of couriers, and also enhance the customer experience.


Improving the efficiency of couriers, and also enhance the customer experience.

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