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The Challenge

Elections are an important form of political participation, and citizens can enhance their sense of democracy through electoral activities. With the development of technology, more and more countries are building digital government platforms, and it is becoming increasingly important to identify voters ‘identities while ensuring fairness. Some countries vote through fingerprints or ID cards, and governments need to register this identity information, as well as verify it, which requires a large amount of infrastructure, so governments are currently facing the following challenges in voting and election activities.

1. The registration and verification of citizenship data, which requires specific infrastructure to support

2. The collection of ballots in remote and mountainous areas, which requires miniaturized and mobile voting methods

3. Fraudulent voting, such as identity theft, multiple voting and other voter fraud methods and manipulation mechanisms.


In order to avoid identity theft, multiple voting and other voter fraud methods, biometric technology can be used to verify the identity of citizens, which guarantees the consistency of voter identities and their identity documents to ensure the fairness of the vote. FEITIAN launched the V10P, V11 series of products can meet these requirements perfectly. Furthermore, the 4G module on the device also provides the convenience for government officials to collect ballots from remote areas.


Ensure that real name authentication is in place to avoid identity theft, multiple voting and other voter fraud and manipulation mechanisms

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