Welcome to use V11 Smart Terminal

With the popularization of digitization, more and more governments are implementing digital ID, and using face, fingerprint, ID card, passport and other devices to identify citizens. Many regions and countries have begun to establish a digital unified authentication platform. The government led authentication platform can be used to payment, election and access government information, so as to improve the public reliability of the government, improve security and reduce crime. On this basis, the government needs a lot of infrastructure to support its programs to meet different business scenarios.

As a leading provider of digital authentication solutions in the industry, Feitian has launched V11 to meet different industry application scenarios. By cooperating with fingerprint and NFC/IC module, it is allowed to verify the unity of authentication offline. At the same time, it is equipped with 4G/Wi-Fi module to allow conduct online identity authentication. to expand product function, we support pogo-PIN, which allow add more accessories, for example, printer, UHF module and so on.

The project can be use multi-scenarios, for example, e-KYC, Election, Retail, Warehouse, Law enforcement, Civil ID and so on.



Product Configuration


Fingerprint Module

V11 support multi-vendoers fingerprint sensor, all those fingerprint sensors are FBI certified. Customer can based on their requirement to choose, here is the list:


V11 apply NXP chipset, which can support orginal android NFC franmework directly, so you can follow android NFC framework to develop your application.

IC, Contact card

The IC card has contact interface, which accordance with ISO 7816 standard, most of user using to read eID card, banking card, e-healthcare card, we provide basic API to operate the contact card, for example, open/close/send/recv data with IC card.


The V11 has QR scanner, which can read MRZ, 1D, 2D QR code, when you using the QR, you will need press Fun button to active QR scanner, we provide SDK for integration.

*MRZ Scanner

QR scanner already support to read MRZ, if you want to have best prefermance to read MRZ, we can support high speed MRZ scanner through Pogo PIN, this will need OEM, to add accessory on back of reader.

*UHF Scanner

UHF Scanner using to scan UHF tags, to have UHF support, we need to do OEM, the UHF scanner is an accessory for V11, it attached on V11 back with Pogo PIN, if using UHF scanner, NFC will be disable.


Printer is optional accessory, the printer also through Pogo PIN to connect, and attached back of V11.



Open battery lock, put in battery, close battery lock.

When installing the battery, please pay attention to the battery metal contact part in alignment with the battery contactor on the terminal. Then press the battery lightly.

Safety warning

Do not contact the terminal and its accessories with liquid or wet environment.

Do not put the terminal in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low.

Do not put the terminal into the fire.

Do not disassemble the terminal or any of its accessories.

After-sales service

In case of any terminal failure, please contact after-sales service through world.support@ftsafe.com