Welcome to use V10P Smart Terminal

ID eVerification and eRegistration solutions enter a new dimension with the ID Verification Biometric Terminal. This new, full-featured 5 inch mobile biometric and credential reading terminal enables rapid registration, verification and authentication of user identities from any location.

Enrollment-capable biometrics are combined with a complete e-document reading suite for electronic ID verification.Now you can mobilize Feitian's enrollment, identity authentication and document verification solutions to slash document and identity fraud.

V10P is an intelligent authentication terminal launched by Feitian. The device is equipped with FBI certified fingerprint module, which can be used for fingerprint encrollment, verification and other functions. It adopts high-performance Qualcomm chip scheme and Android system, supports NFC, USB type-C, 4G, Wi Fi, GPS and other functional modules, and is suitable for e-KYC, Election, digital currency, identity identity and other cases.

Review of V10P


Product Configuration



Open battery lock, put in battery, close battery lock.

When installing the battery, please pay attention to the battery metal contact part in alignment with the battery contactor on the terminal. Then press the battery lightly.

Safety warning

Do not contact the terminal and its accessories with liquid or wet environment.

Do not put the terminal in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low.

Do not put the terminal into the fire.

Do not disassemble the terminal or any of its accessories.

After-sales service

In case of any terminal failure, please contact after-sales service through world.support@ftsafe.com