V11 Developer Manual

Developer Notice

USB Switch

Because of the conflict between OTG and the fingerprint sensor, we can only support each of them every now and then. We apply the priority level of these two modules (Fingerprint sensor and OTG):

Fingerprint sensor as default

To provide the best experience for the end user, we set the fingerprint sensor as default, which means the system will keep the fingerprint sensor running at all times. In this mode, the fingerprint will work normally, but there is no corresponding function of the OTG, and the data communication with the PC computer is also suspended.

Switch to OTG

If you want to use OTG, go to settings->connected devices->USB Switch, turn off the USB Switch, and then insert your USB device into OTG. Like a pendrive. Same as a PC computer. If you want your PC computer to read data from V10P, you also need to disable the USB Switch.

Consideration of power consumption

In addition, considering the high power consumption of the fingerprint module itself (nearly 40mA current in the fingerprint non-use mode), we applied a solution that allows the application to control the sensor power ON or OFF, if needed, and write 1 (open) or 0 (close) to the system file, and the file path is "/sys/class/usb_switch/phy/finger_power"

download source code: https://download.ftsafe.com/files/reader/product/V10P/ScanAPI_WSQ_NFIQ_Android_Studio_Demo.zip


V11 apply NXP chipset, which can support orginal android NFC franmework directly, so you can follow android NFC framework to develop your application.

IC, Contact card

The IC card has contact interface, which accordance with ISO 7816 standard, most of user using to read eID card, banking card, e-healthcare card, we provide basic API to operate the contact card, for example, open/close/send/recv data with IC card.

more details, please have a look the demo code.


The V11 has QR scanner, which can read MRZ, 1D, 2D QR code, when you using the QR, you will need press Fun button to active QR scanner, we provide SDK for integration.

MRZ Scanner

QR scanner already support to read MRZ, if you want to have best prefermance to read MRZ, we can support high speed MRZ scanner through Pogo PIN, this will need OEM, to add accessory on back of reader.